This week we’re featuring three beers by breweries we haven’t talked about yet. Birch St Brewery is right here in Dunedin, housed behind Plato Café and brewing house selections for the restaurant. Scotts Brewing Co makes its home on the Oamaru waterfront, where you can enjoy the view along with traditional beers or several gluten-free options, if that’s your thing. Keruru Brewing boasts being Upper Hutt’s first brewery, where they emphasize local malts and hops.

Birch St Brewery
– Mosaic IPA

IPA (5.2% ABV)

This India Pale Ale leads with a big, fruity aroma that marks it as a well-hopped IPA right off the bat. A fairly light body paired with grapefruit notes and a pleasant, lingering bitterness on the finish make this stand out as a bold but balanced example of the style. The brew takes its name from the New Zealand Mosaic hops used as part of the blend.

Scotts Brewing Co
– Boulder Pale Ale

Pale Ale (5.0% ABV)

A refreshing ale for a hot summer (or, this year, spring) day. Bitterness hits and then dissipates fast over a light, biscuity malt background, making it a good option for when you want a clean and thirst-quenching drink.

Kereru Brewing
– Old Red Oak Ale

Red Ale (6.0% ABV)

A special edition offering from Keruru, incorporating molasses and oak. You’ll smell both on the nose, which emphasizes the malt backbone of this brew and is full of treacle, coffee, and chocolate. A bit sweet, full of peach and vanilla flavors, and with a surprisingly rich mouthfeel. This is technically a dark amber, but think of it like a light stout and you’ll have it about right.