Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take any beers away with me?
Nope! We don’t have an off-license so anything purchased at the festival is to be consumed at the festival.

Why can I not just buy a pint? What’s with the tasting glasses?
Please remember, this is first and foremost about beer tasting, not beer drinking. With so many excellent breweries offering their wares, we recommend you branch out and try a whole spectrum of different beers!

What will be available to drink other than beer?
We have a great range of alternatives to beer at our festival. This includes numerous wine and cider options, and then of course the many free water stations scattered throughout the festival, coffee (and other hot drinks) stalls, as well as juice and soft drinks if you’re not drinking alcohol on the day or just need a breather.

Will you have any special beers I can’t buy at my local store? Where’s the beer list?
Absolutely! That’s one of our main goals, and we promise to have lots of special beers at our festival that you can’t find on store shelves. Ask previous attendees and they’ll confirm that our brewers bring the goods for this event. We don’t have a full list of the beers available on the website but check out the App ‘Untapped’ for the list of beers and you can even rate them as you try them throughout the day! Check out all the breweries who will be in attendance here.

How can I volunteer for this event?
See the volunteer tab for all the info and how to sign up. If you have any questions, just email

What’s the homebrew competition?
As part of the 2017 Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival we are once again running our Homebrew Competition, collecting entries from keen homebrewers to battle for the chance to brew next year’s ‘Festival Brew’ on commercial brewing equipment with the guidance of a veteran brewer! There is also a great prize pool for 2nd and 3rd place, as well as varietal category winners, supplied by the Dunedin Malt House. This is a great opportunity to get direct feedback from industry professionals and to have the opportunity to brew next year’s festival beer! If you are interested in entering, check out the details here.

Have you got a waste strategy?
Yes! All vendors will be using biodegradable packaging products such as plates and utensils and all drink vendors will be pouring into the festival glass. Through these measures, along with clearly labelled bins, and utilisation of the stadium’s robust recycling system, we hope to produce minimal waste.

Is smoking permitted?
Smoking will be permitted in two designated outdoor areas only (see festival map on the day for location).

What about parking?
If you’re looking for the free option, we recommend coming early to find the best spots around the Logan Park area or beside the harbour. First in, first served though! Otherwise public transport, taxis or friends/family are always a good idea to arrange to get you to and from the stadium safely.

Which gate do I go through to enter/exit the festival?
The entry point for the festival is Gate C which is the corner opposite Logan Park at Forsyth Barr Stadium. The Exit will be Gate E which backs onto the car parking area behind Forsyth Barr Stadium.

How much are tickets and what does that include?
Tickets are now sold out but they include entry into the festival, a festival glass, a festival booklet, as well as the opportunity to sample some of the best beer, wine, cider and food New Zealand has on offer! It also gets you access to watching our stellar music line-up, headlined by none other than kiwi faves, Dave Dobbyn, Goodshirt & Nomad!

How many people are you expecting to attend?
The festival will host a maximum crowd of 6,200 which we have already sold all tickets for. There will be no tickets sold at door on event day, as all tickets have been allocated.

What bands are playing through the day?
There’s quite a line-up this year, headed up by Dave Dobbyn, Goodshirt and Nomad! You can check out the full line-up on the Music page.

Can I bring my family to the festival?
Yes! We love having whole families attend. Family tickets are now sold out however. There are a wide array of activities and stalls to suit the whole family. From our Kids Zone to the main stage, the children will stay amused for hours. We have almost as many food vendors as beer vendors, meaning you can eat away to your hearts content too.

Where do I get my digital wristband and will I need to pay any fees to top up?
You can get your wristband from the Top Up Bank on the event day and there will be an initial one off $3.50 fee to activate each wristband, but after this you are good to go!

Why are there lines to get in?
Many people will arrive early to the festival, and a line to get into a beer festival is unfortunately inevitable. You can help to keep get the lines flowing smoothly into the stadium by having your age ID and tickets ready.

Can you tell me more about the digital wristband system?
Yes, check out the all you need to know on the Ticketing page.

What does BF mean?
BF stands for booking fee. This is a surcharge on ticket purchases. It doesn’t mean you can bring your Best Friend/Boyfriend along for free!

How many alcoholic drinks may I buy per vendor service?
Due to our liquor licence, we will be only be able to sell up to 2 drinks per person per transaction.

Can I leave the festival and re-enter later?
Unfortunately there will be no re-admittance after you have left.

What are the minimum & maximum limits for topping up?
The sky is the limit! From $1 to $1000, topping up is 100% flexible to give you exactly what you want!

When do the top-up banks close?
They will be open till the festival finishes at 7pm.

How can I advertise in the festival booklet?
Easily! Contact our sales team for a rate card or just to have a chat about advertising possibilities.

How do I have a stall at the festival?
We have locked in all the vendors for this year’s festival. However if you’re keen to get involved for next year, pop over to our contact page to get in touch with one of the team.

How long does the festival go for?
The festival runs from midday until 7pm.

What time is cut off for drinks?
Last drinks are poured at 6:30pm. We’ll notify you on the PA system in advance, so make sure you’ve sampled everything you want to prior to this time.

I’ve lost my jacket, do you have a lost and found area?
If you do happen to misplace any of your things throughout the day, we have a dedicated area where you can go to be reunited with your stuff! See the Information/Lost Property Kiosk on the day. It will also have a coat check service, so be sure to check here before you leave if you have lost anything – it’ll be well signposted and on the festival map so you ought to be able to find it, no sweat. If you find yourself without your jacket after you get home, log it on the OUSA lost and found page, and if we find it, we’ll be in touch.

Is there food for vegetarians? What about gluten free?
Definitely! We have a range of vegetarian and gluten free options this year – have a look around! To make it really easy for you, we’ve indicated in the Food section of the Festival Programme booklet which stalls have vegetarian fare and/or gluten free goodies.

Can I get a refund if I don’t use all my wristband credit?
Yes you can, just go to the top up bank to get a refund before the end of the festival, or do this online at up to a week after the festival (this option incurs a $0.60 online refund admin fee).