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Weekly Taster #6: Mosaic IPA, Boulder Pale Ale, Old Red Oak Ale

This week we’re featuring three beers by breweries we haven’t talked about yet. Birch St Brewery is right here in Dunedin, housed behind Plato Café and brewing house selections for the restaurant. Scotts Brewing Co makes its home on the Oamaru waterfront, where you can enjoy the view along with traditional beers or several gluten-free [...]

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Weekly Taster #5: Cut Cat Small IPA, Good George IPA, Kingpin Double IPA

We barreled through three fine IPAs this week, and it was almost enough to quench the mighty thirst brought on by talking about them in a hot, hot radio studio. We wrote up notes in case you didn't catch us talking through them live on Dunedin's Radio One 91FM on Wednesday afternoon. You may have [...]

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Weekly Taster #4: Classy Red, Renegade Red IPA, Red Bonnet Flanders Sour Red Ale

We brightened the dreary weather this week with three brightly colored brews. Red ales are a bit of a catch-all – they're usually more about the malt than the hops, except when they're not – but they're all tinted rusty with tiny additions of very dark malts. These three are made in different styles, but [...]

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Weekly Taster #3: Freckled Frog Feijoa Fizz, Brotherhood Crushed Pineapple Cider, Sprig & Fern Berry Cider, Good George Doris Plum Cider

Prefer fruit to hops, or like to switch it up some days? This lineup's for you. We tasted four of the fine fruit ciders that breweries will be bringing along in November. Where beers start off with fermenting sugars from malted grain, ciders start with fruit juice and usually go unhopped for a full-on fruity [...]

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Weekly Taster #2: Black Rhino, Steamer Basin Oatmeal Stout, Eight Ball Stout

We went dark this week. Inspired by the weather, or just a change from last week's pale line-up? A little of both, probably. All three of these beers will pair well with a cold night and a thick wooly jumper. Mussel Inn is an Onekaka operation that turns out a large variety of curious brews [...]

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Weekly Taster #1: FlaxenFeather, Brewski, Mojo Pin

Looking for a taste of what you'll find at the Festival? Us too. Every week leading up to the event, the event team will be tasting beers from breweries who you’ll see represented at the Festival. We'll share our notes with you here. And while nothing's stopping you from cracking these open before then (in [...]

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