The 2016 Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival Homebrew Competition

Entries have now closed for the 2016 Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival Homebrew Competition which we run every year in conjunction with The Dunedin Malt House. Keen homebrewers battle for the chance to brew the next year’s ‘Festival Brew’ on commercial brewing equipment with the guidance of a veteran brewer! Previous overall winners have included a Raspberry Wheat Beer, a Bourbon Oaked Porter and this year’s festival brew is a Gose with many other brilliant brews and some obvious brewing talent coming through in the competition.

There is also a great prize pool for 2nd and 3rd place, as well as varietal category winners, supplied by the Dunedin Malt House.

This is a great opportunity to have your brews tasted and have feedback given by our panel of talented judges, hand picked from the cream of the crop of Dunedin’s commercial craft brewers. We will be running it again next year, so some brewing practise in now!

Deadline for entries have now closed. 

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The 2015 Competition Results

1st place overall – Max Major: Wild Gose Chase

2nd place overall – Adrian Woodhouse: Spiced Pumpkin Ale

3rd place overall – Brett Houliston: Darker Than Pale

Max Major’s winning entry, aptly named ‘Wild Gose Chase’ is a near perfect example of a kettle soured Gose. Max utilised Pink Himalayan Salt and Coriander seeds to add some zing, along with Lactobacillus to sour the brew, and managed to create a very well balanced and interesting beer which has won him the chance to brew it on commercial brewing equipment as the Festival Brew for 2016’s Dunedin Craft Beer & Food Festival.

In second place, Adrian Woodhouse created a rich and smooth Spiced Pumpkin Ale reminiscent of a slice of delicious pumpkin pie.

After winning the competition in 2014 with his Bourbon Oaked Porter, Brett Houliston came in third place in 2015 with his Black IPA called ‘Darker than Pale’.

Max Major (right) with Emerson's Head Brewer Mason Pratt (left)
Brett Houliston (left) won 1st place overall and Brendan Bransgrove (right) took out 2nd and 3rd place

The 2014 Competition Results

1st place overall – Brett Houliston: Bourbon Oaked Porter

2nd place overall – Brendan Bransgrove: Ulysses Flanders Red Sour Ale

3rd place overall – Brendan Bransgrove: Little Jimmy American Stout

Brett’s winning beer is a Bourbon Oaked Porter – A robust and flavoursome Porter which has been aged on charred oak bourbon barrel chips for 2 months. It has hints of vanilla and oak, while a slight smokiness lingers on the palate. Rich and inviting.

Brendan’s Ulysses Flanders Red Sour Ale is a world class example of the style, aged in Oak barrels for around a year! Strong oak flavours and aromas blend with delicate malts and a sour twist.

These top 2 brews came to a tie-breaker situation in the final round of tasting, both having scored near perfect scores, rivalling internationally acclaimed brews in their respective styles. The final decision was difficult, but after the third round of tasting, the judges settled on Brett’s Bourbon Oaked Porter.